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Auto AK Feminised Autoflowering cannabis seeds

First feminized version of the new (100% auto-flowering) hybrid made by crossing the AK47 with the Lowryder, later selected for Grass-o-Matic. A happy combination of the celebrated virtues of the Ak47, one of the most award-winning plants around, and the extremely quick and automatic maturation of the Lowryder. The heaviest and most powerful “100% automatic” plant available today, also suitable for therapeutic purposes. With an average height of 60-70 cm, it can grow virtually anywhere.

Additional about Auto AK Feminised Autoflowering marijuana seeds

  • Type: Ruderalis (auto-flowering)
  • Grows: Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
  • Genetics: AK-47 x Lowryder
  • Breeder: Grass-o-matic
  • Sex: Feminised
  • THC: 14.40%
  • Flower: 100% automatic from week 3
  • Harvest: 70-75 days after germination

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