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Haze Automatic Feminised cannabis seeds

Dinafem crossed plants selected from the Roadrunner strain with a JYD Haze, with the specific idea in mind of changing the characteristic taste of all the automatics. It seems that these plants include this characteristic taste and their rapid flowering in the same genetic “pack”. The characteristic taste is somewhat “green”, like grass or textile cannabis. Dinafem have tried to increase the difference in taste even further, taking it from the automatic range of flavours to the non-automatic and what has been achieved is something worthy of satisfaction: apart from the flavour, the size of the plants has increased, as has its productivity and strength. The resin is more abundant, completely covering the petioles and the base of the upper leaves, the production of large glandular trichomes has also increased, both in the buds and the leafy bracts that surround them.The result is an improved automatic with a heavier yield, covered with resin from top to toe. It grows to about 100 cm in ideal conditions and produces impressive compact buds, totally aromatic and full of flowers, and in only 80 days. It doesn’t have the effect of a sativa, because although the levels of THC have increased, the levels of CBD remain high due to the automatic genetic pack.

Additional about Haze Automatic Feminised marijuana seeds

  • Type: Ruderalis (auto-flowering)
  • Grows:
  • Genetics: Lowryder #1 x Dinafem #1 X JYD Haze
  • Breeder: Dinafem
  • Sex: Feminised
  • THC: 6 - 12%
  • Flower: 70 - 80 days
  • Harvest: April - October

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