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Mozambique cannabis seeds

Bordering South Africa Mozambique has been a very difficult place due to constant fighting but because of this its trully wild with a wealth of untapped natural resources so its no wonder their marijuana is so sought after and with the old Durban Poison really tainted its no wonder this plant is held in such high regard. With tradtional healers paying a bi-annual pilgramage to it and known to house a very trancey psychoactive stone that lasts for hours, under the right conditions these buds will grow blue'ish and are really beautiful genetics and that's why this is not one to be missed!

Additional about Mozambique marijuana seeds

  • Type: Pure Sativa
  • Grows:
  • Genetics:
  • Breeder: Holy Smoke Seeds
  • Sex: Regular
  • THC:
  • Flower:
  • Harvest:

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