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Nepal Haze cannabis seeds

Nepal Haze is a new non stable hybrid. It results from pollinating ACE's best highland nepalese mothers with a Green Haze male.

The main and most frequent expression of this hybrid is a more vigorous and high yielding
version of nepalese highland: fast flowering sativas with excellent adaptability, generous yield and clean and euphoric effect.

There's a recessive phenotype, less usual, with a strong haze influence, that tends to grow bigger and requires longer flowering times and warmer environment.

Nepalese expression has a medium size and is easy to grow. Haze influenced plants grow taller and branchy, with more thin leaflets.

Nepalese influenced plants have a lovely strawberry chewing gum aroma. Haze pheno smells woody and spicy, classic haze aroma.

Pleasant, clean and stimulating.

Additional about Nepal Haze marijuana seeds

  • Type: Pure Sativa
  • Grows: Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
  • Genetics: Highland Nepalese x Green Haze
  • Breeder: Ace Seeds
  • Sex: Regular
  • THC:
  • Flower: 9-15 weeks
  • Harvest: Begining of October outdoors

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