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Blue Ryder Autoflowering - 10 cannabis seeds

This originated from MDanzig’s compact, 100% autoflowering plant Masterlow/Blueberry hybrid, although it is now produced by High Bred and the Joint Doctor. MDanzig’s aim was to create an autoflowering strain with Blueberry characteristics in appearance and taste. As the Lowryder strain that preceeded it its life cycle is 8 weeks from seed to bud. Blue Streak is Dj Shorts Original Blueberry Female crossed to Master Low Male, and then resulting females crossed again to Master Low Male. It has picked up the tasty fruity attributes of its Blueberry parent, whilst maintaining a short lifespan. This is not the largest yielding auto-flowering strain but it is one of the most fruity.

Additional about Blue Ryder Autoflowering - 10 marijuana seeds

  • Type: Ruderalis (auto-flowering)
  • Grows: Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
  • Genetics: Masterlow x Blueberry (DJ Short)
  • Breeder: The Joint Doctor
  • Sex: Regular
  • THC: Unknown
  • Flower: 6 Weeks
  • Harvest: 2.5 Months from seed

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